The World Wide Web employs unique numbers known as IP addresses and each unit or website that is part of the Web contains this type of an address. It is very hard to remember to visit to see a website though, so a significantly quicker structure was launched in the 80s - domains. Each and every domain name contains a main part plus an extension, for instance or A plethora of extensions exist worldwide - part of them are given to countries, just like in the aforementioned example, which is assigned to the United Kingdom, while many others are generic, for instance .com or .net. Various extensions are available for registration by any entity and some others have precise requirements - company registration, local presence, etc. You're able to obtain a brand new domain name via a registrar firm such as ours and if the extension supports domain transfers, you're able to relocate an existing domain name between registrars as well.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Website Hosting
If you acquire a website hosting from us, you are able to select from over 50 domain extensions for your brand new domain name - both country-specific and generic ones. We can provide a virtually split-second registration service as we partner with an certified ICANN registrar - the group that controls the domain name platform globally. When you acquire a new domain, it will be active within a few minutes, so you will be able to start taking care of your web site straight away. You may even transfer a current domain that you have ordered using some other company and manage it from a single place with the hosting space for it with us. Our superior Domain Manager tool provides you with complete control of your domain names - renewals, Whois Privacy Protection, custom records, forwarding, WHOIS data management, and many more.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Servers
With our semi-dedicated server plans, you are able to create as many domains as you desire and take care of them from a single place along with your hosting account using our multifunctional Hepsia Control Panel. You can pick from more than fifty generic and country-specific extensions and since a lot of them have special conditions to be registered, we'll give you a hand from the minute of your order up until the moment your domains go live on the Web. If you currently have domains via another provider and you would like to host them here, you might also move them over because it will be much more convenient to manage everything using just a single account rather than going through separate systems. Our company is a partner of an ICANN-certified registrar, so we can supply very quick registration services and a lot of advanced domain management solutions.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Servers
We support a number of generic and country-specific domain name extensions, so you will be able to get a new domain name along with your dedicated server or transfer an existing domain and take care of it along with the website hosting plan. In the event you need extra domains, you'll be able to get them in bulk using the server’s billing Control Panel and you will be able to choose from more than 50 separate TLDs from all over the world. Because a number of extensions have certain pre-registration conditions, we'll help you through the process up until your domains go live, and in the general case, this takes no more than a few minutes as our company is a partner of an ICANN-licensed registrar company. Thanks to our exceptional Domain Manager instrument you'll have total control of your domain names - create custom records, acquire Whois Privacy Protection, update the WHOIS information, and a lot more.